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Raw duck foie gras slices hand-cut, visual and manual selection "Grand Chef" - 20 slices of 40-60g ($172 per 800g) - ideal for pan-frying

__ S$172.00 __

20 slices of 40g/60g.

Foie gras is a food product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened. Foie gras is a popular and well-known delicacy in French cuisine.

Its flavor is described as rich, buttery, and delicate, unlike that of an ordinary duck or goose liver. French law states that "Foie gras belongs to the protected cultural and gastronomical heritage of France". After evisceration of the liver, each one is sliced and frozen immediately. This method of freezing directly after removal ensures that the level of melting is kept to the minimum during cooking and the classed slices are of equal size. IQF, (Individual Quick Frozen) each slice is individually frozen.