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French pastries

If you and your family are fascinated by flaky French baguette, buttery croissants and pains au chocolat, this selection is for you. With the modern lifestyle, there is no time left to go to the baker's to buy fresh bread everyday. Therefore, we have looked for the most convenient, practical and premium solution to fullfill your needs everyday at home. Frozen Lenotre pre-baked bread and pastries are simply the best.

Pre-proofed on stone oven, you just have to pre-heat your traditional oven at 190 degrees during 10 minutes and bake the products during 8 to 10 minutes and it is ready ! Crafted by master bakers at Lenotre school in Paris and prepared by the Bridor France, each of the frozen baking recipe is made of top-quality ingredients, their taste is fine and delicate, comparable to the quality you can find in the 5stars hotels in Paris.