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Chocolate for tasting

"Chocolate", a word that undoubtedly wakes up your taste buds. Indeed, chocolate is not simply a food ingredient, it is a real source a pleasure and well being.

But do you know why? Because it contains phenylethylamine and fat, both increasing endorphins’ production. Endorphine is a chemical substance in our brain stimulating the feeling of “happiness”.

Did you know? Chocoholic is a word defining people “addicted” to chocolate. Indeed, chocolate contains addictive components which have a real effect on the brain. So hard to resist...! Besides being famous for its calories, chocolate is also associated with numerous health benefits. Among them, its tremendous antioxidant potential. In addition, it regulates blood pressure, prevents from ageing, reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems and heart diseases. 

According to a Harvard medical school study, it can prevent memory decline for seniors and keep the brain healthy. Hence, don’t feel guilty and remember to eat your daily "carré de chocolat" to stay healthy! 

Secrets Fine food has selected with care the best chocolate makers, offering you chocolate bars with different percentage of cocoa and origins, according to your preference. Remember, the higher the percentage in cocoa is, the healthier it is!