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Organic free-range turkey

"Organic", you have probably heard this term a thousand times without wondering about the essence of its meaning. People tend to believe that Organic food is a recent marketing trend. However, the Organic farming movement was born in the 40's, in reaction to the industrialization of agriculture.

Slowly, people have started to care more and more about the products they were consuming, leading to many labels being created. Among them, Organic Certifications based on governments’ standards (e.g. the European Organic Label) are reliable and highly regarded.

Secrets Fine Food has selected for you a wide range of products, composed of meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables, bread, coffee, tea and so on, certified being authentic organic food. It means that they do not contain synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMO. The organic food is also grown in such a manner that it helps conserving the biodiversity, promoting the ecological balance as well as controlling the use of natural resources.

But what are the health benefits? It boosts the immune system, prevents premature aging, have a powerful antioxidant effect and… ensures the development of a safe and healthy world for future generation! A lot of people also say it tastes better. What do you think?

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