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Organic olive oil

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is a real treasure that we are very excited to share with you. For centuries, Greeks and Romans have taken extreme good care of their olive trees to be able to make the extra virgin olive oil we love so much until this days. Some countries, like Peru, consider the olive trees sacred and it is forbidden to cut or let any of them die. The organic olive oil we offer brings health benefits and deliciousness to your salads, cold dishes and even in your cooking.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil in Singapore

We have chosen the brand Terre Bormane, an incredible Italian brand, for our organic olive oil. We are sure you will be able to enjoy it and will love to use it in every one of your dishes. The organic label ensures that the producers didn't treat the olive trees with chemicals (or use them in the process) and that they obey a number of rules to obtain the "organic" label. We are really proud to introduce this organic olive oil to you.