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Orecchiette #59 - semola pasta - 500g

Giuseppe Cocco
__ S$8.00 __

The pasta produced at Cavalliere Cocco is made with the oldest machine still in operation today (1910). Using the best grain, sping water, traditional bronze mould and a very slow (60 hours) low-temperature drying process, it is the "gourmets" favorite all over the world.

Pasta Cocco allows to retrieve the taste of pasta as it was a hundred years ago, it is the supplier of the finest restaurants such as Armani, but also the Vatican and the Presidential Palace in Italy.

The old "Mastri Pastai" maintained that four ingredients are needed to make good pasta: mountain wheat, spring water, clean air for pasta drying and the processing technique. The excellent organoleptic characteristics of the river Verde water, coming from natural springs, and the dry and ventilated climate, which assures the perfect pasta drying, are the two ingredients that nature has given to Fara San Martino; hence the special features of pasta produced here.