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Truffles & Truffle oil

Truffle is the ultimate luxury food product for any gourmet in the world. For centuries, the precious mushroom has been considered as one the finest delicacies. Like diamonds, truffles are always hidden in remote undergrounds and require a long, passionate and meticulous quest. Helped with the dog or a pig, trained to seek for truffle, the truffle hunters always keep secret their favorite spots to collect truffles that's why truffle hunting is a fantasctic experience and a real priviledge. Again like diamonds, truffles can be black, brown or white depending on their variety.

How to choose your white or black truffles?

The most aromatic, prestigious and rarest ones are the white truffles. White truffles are originated from only one region in the world : in the deep heart of Italy, in the Alba region. Above 80gm, each Alba truffle is numbered and receives a certificate of origin issued by the local authorities of Alba. However, the winter black truffle of Perigord, in France, is also an pure wonder. Called tubermelanosporum, the black truffle is fantastic when prepared with pasta, frittata or rizotto. Its flavor is pungent, aromatic almost magical ...For truffle lovers, truffle oil is a great alternative to bring a touch of truffle flavor to a puree or a risotto preparation, especially for daily use, as it will never replace the power of fresh truffle.