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In this fruit juice selection, we have carefully selected 100% natural juices, without any conservative, any additive or any colouring agent. Each fruit has been rigorously picked by our grocery online shop in Singapore following demanding criteria, then it squeezed without water addition. The finest varieties of fruits have been priviledged by supplier in order to ensure a rich in vitamins, tasty, balanced and gourmand fruit juice. A lot of care has also been given to the texture itself of each juice in order to respect the original fruit and its taste. Thus, the mango juice is slightly thicker, the orange juice contains a little bit of pulp whereas the pear juice develops a nice and fine grainy texture.

Either for breakfast, or for tea-time with the kids or as "appetizer", the portion of the Sunraysia juices are just perfect for 1 serving. As a garantee of quality, our precious juices can also be tasted and enjoyed in the finests hotels and restaurants across the world.