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Jams and marmelades

Starting the day with a good breakfast is one the secrets of happiness. And starting the day with a piece of warm French baguette, a bit of butter and a spoon of delicious hand made jam by Christine Ferber, isn't it the first step to heaven ?

We are very proud of our jam and marmelade selection, confectioned by Christine Ferber, internationnaly reknown as the Fairy of Jam. Her sweet fruity spreads are simply exquisite. Hand made with fresh fruits, carefully selected, with a preference for the local produce, Christine Ferber cooks her jams in old copper pots like in the good old days. Mono product or ingeniously combined with other fruit, each and every jam made by Christine Ferber is insanely delicious. For this reason, Christine Ferber has conquered the world of the finest hotels and gourmet stores proposing a very high quality, 100% natural, jam collection.

Our online grocery shop in Singapore has selected a few of those icredible jams and marmelades for you to enjoy !