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Foie gras

Foie gras is probably the most famous gastronomic delicacy of the French cuisine. For centuries, it has been part of the sophisticated menus of the Royals and French noble families. Today, it is still one of the main delicacies served to celebrate special occasions such as christmas, New Year, weddings or friends gathering. It is such a culinary heritage that has been registered to the Unesco world heritage since 2010. But what is foie gras exactly ?

What is foie gras made of?

Actually, it is a goose or duck liver that has been specially fattened and prepared with salt and spices in order to obtain a rich, buttery and delicate flavor with a soft and melting texture. A good quality foie gras will not develop too much fat but will be balanced and tasty with a certain peristance in the palate. Foie gras can be enjoyed and served in many different ways. Terrines or "pates" are very popular, you just have to spread the delectable prepartion on a piece of bread with a hint of "fleur de sel". Foie gras is also delicious when it is pan-fried, it is a pure melting indulgence, especially when associated with a sweet touch such as a onion jam or a chutney.

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