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Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is considered as one of the culinary treasures of the Mediterranean cuisine, even during Antiquity, Greeks and Romans used to care and cherish the precious olive trees to obtain the precious elixir. This extract of fresh ripe olives is not only appreciated for the quality of its taste but also for its fantastic health features and virtues. Indeed, extra virgin olive oil is part of the famous health Mediterranean diet.

The beauty of the Mediterranean region is that in a limited geographic area, you will find different climates, soils and conditions to cultivate olive trees. Thus, each country offers different varieties of olives such as the highly aromatic Alberquina in Spain, the little black Liguritio in Italy, the Grossane or Beruguette in Provence and much more.

Our extra virgin olive oil in Singapore

Thanks to this incredible variety, various olive oils with different taste can be obtained. Some will develop a peppery taste, others will have a round and sweet taste...The origin of the olives is a key criteria to select a good olive oil. The process of pressing the olives is another key criteria. 1st cold pressing is the best as it refers to the first round of extraction without using heat over 81.9 F, meaning that the product aromas and flavors are not altered by heat. It is also the only 100% natural method, which does not require any chemical additives. Get your extra virgin olive oil from our online shop in Singapore.