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Salmon & smoked salmon

If you are a salmon lover, we can only recommend you to test and enjoy our reputable and delectable salmons by Loch Fyne from Scotland or the premium Balik selection. Prized by the top Chefs in the world for the high quality of its salmons, Loch Fyne and Balik have been supplying the finest and most royal tables in the UK, in France and in Singapore for decades.

The secret of the Loch Fyne success is its natural environment, its terroir. Not only Scotland benefits fantastic sceneries with misty hills and lochs but also offers an exceptional conditions to breed certain fishes such as salmons or langoustines. The famous loch Fyne is the longest and deepest loch in Scotland, it is a unique place where sea waters and fresh sweet waters from the hills mix and contribute to the succulent taste and exceptional flavor of Loch Fyne salmons.

Your fresh smoked salmon in Singapore

Moreover, the artisanal way of smoking the salmons practiced by Loch Fyne and Balik called "dry-cured smoking" are a garantee of taste, authenticity and tradition.