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Oysters used to evoke "violet" taste for the famous French philosopher Montaigne. For others, more prosaically, oysters are described as bivalve molluscs with a sea-salty flavor with a hint of iodine and a delicious, soft and mellow texture. Oysters can be found in many marine habitats in every sea in the world. However, oysters lovers will agree that the best oysters are found in cool seawaters.

Your fresh oyster in Singapore

French Brittany or the Eastern coast of Ireland propose fantastic oysters with a balanced taste of seasalt and iodine. Their shape can be either flat or "cupped". They all carry a number, this number gives an indication of their size. Cupepd oysters are numbered from 0 to 5 and from 000 to 6 for flat oysters. But be careful of the logic,  the smallest the number is the bigger the oyster is !!! Last but not least, oysters are also designated with "fine" or "special". Special oysters are meatier than fine ones. In the past, oysters were plenty and very affordable, recently good oysters have become rarer to get. For this reason, oysters are usually served for special celebrations.

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