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Lobster is the ultimate crusctacean for seafood lovers. There are many different varieties of lobsters across the globe. The blue lobster from Brittany is considered as the supreme delicacy. Lobsters like to live in marine rock bottoms, during the winter months, lobsters like to "hibernate" in their hole. During summer months, when sea water starts to warm up, the lobster reappears that's the reason why you find more "live" blue lobsters in the market during  summer. 

Fresh lobster in Singapore

In many cuisines, Chefs like to prepare lobsters, especially when they can receive it "live". Indeed, all Chefs will agree that the best way to enjoy lobster is to eat it as fresh as possible and with the most simple preparation in order to enjoy its succulent taste and its amazing texture. Eating lobster just grilled under fire with salted butter by Bordier is a royal indulgence.