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Caviar & roe

Caviar is probably the ultimate delicacy for any food lover. Some people devote a real passion for the precious salt-cured sturgeon roes. Siberian sturgeon, Sevruga, Oscietra or Beluga sound like music for caviar passionate people. What can explain such enthusiasm ?

Our delicious caviars delivery in Singapore

First, the taste is unforgettable, amazing and addictive : complex and refined, salty with marine and hazelnut notes, it is uncomparable to any other fish roe. Light, slightly cruchy when the eggs are fresh, the texture is a melting indugence in the palate. Based on the species of the sturgeon, the caviar will develop different accents. Oscietra eggs will have a longer length in the mouth whereas beluga roes are impressive for their size.

Moreover, today, caviar can be consumed without any guilty conscience as aqua farms have managed to breed the same sturgeon speices in similar conditions to the ones in the Caspian sea offering a high quality farm caviar, very close in taste, appearance and texture to the wild caviar. Now, let the precious eggs roll under your palate and enjoy !

Our different caviars

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