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Bottarga is the Italian world for a popular mediterranean preparation made of dense cured fish roe issued from different fish species such as tuna, gray mullet or sword fish. In Italy, it is also called "the poor man's caviar". 

To make bottarga, the roe pouch is extracted from the fish and then massaged to remove any air pocket. It is then dried and cured with sea salt in order to obtain a dense tablet a few weeks later. Then, bottarga is cut into logs and coated with beeswax according to an old method which used to be practiced by the Phoenicians during Antique times. The taste of bottarga is very salty with a silky texture.  It is usually served grated and sprinkled over pasta or omelette. Bottarga can also be found in other mediterranean cuisines under the names of Poutargue or Boutargue in France, or Botarga in Spain.