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Extra virgin olive oil Special edition "Bottle Seletti" - 500ml

__ S$60.00 __

Galateo & Friends has created with Seletti a new special edition: an elegant white porcelain bottle containing exquisite extra virgin olive oil of taggiasca quality to be used in a casual chic daily life.

The light flavor let arise a memory of dried almonds, ripe fruits, and fresh flowers. While tasting it, this olive oil will result fluid and sweet, and once swallowed, a round and delicate aftertaste will stay in your mouth.

Land of origin: 100 per cent Taggiasca quality (from the name of the city of Taggia on the back hills of San Remo). Territory: west Liguria. The olive trees grow up on terraces, on the side of the mountains along the valleys that run deep in the inner part of the territory, till an altitude of 700 mt. This particular landscape that surrounds the trees is for sure the main actor who gives to the olives such a special quality.

Galateo&Friends offers the best of the famous "Italian Dolce Vita" through a concept dedicated to those people who like to enjoy beautiful things, such as fine food, interior design, appealing table decorations and unique objects. As refined "gourmets", Galateo&Friends decided to start by proposing a complete food line as an expression of excellence: products from Italy and made in Italy, from extra virgin olive oil to balsamic vinegars, going through pasta, rice and truffles.