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Carnaroli rice for risotto - 1kg

__ S$12.00 __

Carnaroli is the king of the rices.

Its capacity to stay firm when cooked makes Carnaroli suitable to prepare risottos and other rice dishes because it exalts the flavour of any kind of ingredients.

Ecorì Agricola, is a primary Italian rice producer based at the North-Italian province of Vercelli, the historical core of Italian rice farming. These lands are irrigated by the fresh and pure water coming from the Alps and the local tradition of rice cultivation dates back to the XV century. Ecori rice is a superior quality product for daily nutrition which is obtained through eco-compatible production and respect and love for the soil from where it comes from. Eco-compatible production means reviving agricultural methods of low environment impact and which favors the return of the fauna characteristic of rice growing areas.