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Pata Negra

Iberico ham is one of the pearls of Spain. It is a very specific type of cured meat, since the pigs are only fed acorns and grow in woodsy mountain areas where they can exercise and eat directly from nature. It produces a beautiful shiny ham with a very distinctive taste and oiliness you will not be able to find anywhere else. This type of ham pratically melts in your mouth without you even having to chew it. You won't be able to get enough of it ! When thinking of ham, this iberico ham is what you want to go for !

Iberico ham in Singapore

We have chosen ham from Guijuelo, internationally known for its Iberico hams. You can purchase it already sliced or whole, depending on your skills and taste. In any case, this iberico ham will be a delight. Be sure to respect the conservation rules to have the best quality Iberico ham. You can order it from our online shop in Singapore and then just enjoy it !