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Bordier butter

Have you ever crossed a French who does not like butter ? Butter is one of the essentials of the French cuisine.

For Guy Savoy, "butter is one of those absolute ingredients you need and desire all the day long. As Guy Savoy says :  “To me, butter is that tartine with blueberry jam; it’s the afternoon snack with chocolate; it’s the finish of a sauce. Certain recipes simply cannot be made without butter". Made of the cream of the milk, butter is this fatty yellow substance with a soft and melting texture which will convert any piece of bread into a pure moment of happiness. What makes butter so delicious ? The quality of the grass where the cows pasture, the quality of the water used to extract the butter and finally the method and savoir-faire to churn the butter is the secret of for a delicious and succulent artisan butter. At Secrets Fine Food, we are very proud of our butter selection and happy to reveal the best butters of the world such as the "baratte  butter" by Jean-Yves Bordier, the last butter churned manually  !