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Churned Bordier butter with garlic, fresh herbs and Szechuan pepper - 125g - classic Maitre d'Hotel butter revisited - ideal with T-bone or grilled steaks

Beurre Bordier
__ S$10.50 __

The slightly garlicky and herby taste of this butter, enveloped in the menthol wisps of Szechwan pepper will delicately highlight your meats and mixed vegetables. The classic maître d’hôtel butter which Jean-Yves Bordier has revisited!

Like citrus fruits, Szechwan pepper belongs to the rutaceae family.  This variety, considered the best, comes from a mountainous province in Central China where it is still grown today.  As early as the 13th century, Marco Polo began importing Szechwan pepper to Europe, but it took the next six centuries to see it democratized to European households.

Jean-Yves Bordier artisanal butters are considered by many Chefs and by the general public as the best butters in the world. Jean-Yves Bordier from Saint-Malo in Brittany uses the ancestral technique of hand churning in a wooden churn and hand shaping. But by adding a twist of original flavor such as espelette, seaweed or yuzu, Jean-Yves Bordier brings modernity, innovation and surprise.