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NEW Churned Bordier butter with raspberry - 125g - delicious on warm toasts or crepes

Beurre Bordier
__ S$9.50 __

New ! Original and delicious ! Raspberry butter is astonishing: the discussion between butter’s salinity and the acidulous and coloured notes of the raspberry, the encounter of two lively tastes. Jean-Yves Bordier, the master of butter, has been hand-making at La Maison du Beurre in Normandy’s Saint Malo since 1985. Bordier breaks with tradition and convention with the latest creations as butter with raspberry, try it, it is an exquisite experience with toasted brioche and a cup of green tea !

Jean-Yves Bordier artisanal butters are considered by many Chefs and by the general public as the best butters in the world. Jean-Yves Bordier from Saint-Malo in Brittany uses the ancestral technique of hand churning in a wooden churn and hand shaping. But by adding a twist of original flavor such as espelette, seaweed or yuzu, Jean-Yves Bordier brings modernity, innovation and surprise.