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Crushed caramel from Isigny - 900g

__ S$35.00 __

Caramel from Isigny is a candy that originates in Normandy, France. They can either be hard caramel made with sour cream from Normandy or soft candy made from Isigny fresh milk. This type of caramel was created in 1894 by M. Dupont and the results of his very peculiar technique were named « caramels d’Isigny » in French.


The quality of these products is recognized all around the world since the XVIIIth century and their character play a very important role in the way they taste.


You can easily find caramel in Dubai to make your desserts exceptional. A few of these chips sprinkled on vanilla ice cream, cookies, a tiramisu or a cake will make the best sweet treat ever. Get your crushed caramel in Dubai today !