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Ricotta & Mascarpone

Ricotta cheese is a beautiful ingredient you can use in different preparations and you can enjoy it in very many ways. In a salad or in a dish, you will always be happy with ricotta cheese whatever you use it for. Here at Secrets Fine Food we have chosen a ricotta di buffala for maximum enjoyment !

Mascaporne is an Italian Cheese, born during the 16th century in the Lodi Region, located in the North of Italy. It is a soft fresh cheese, originally made from buffalo’s milk, though nowadays, it is more often made from cow's milk.

People tend to believe that Mascaporne is merely a cream cheese, but it is in fact a "Triple cream" cheese; meaning the cream is separated from the water and dry matter before it transformation into cheese, whereas Cream Cheese is just industrial cream.

Mascaporne is most commonly known for its crucial role in the making of Tiramisu or Cheese Cakes.
It can also be served with strawberries or wild berries and it can be turned into a real “decadent” dessert when adding liquors, such as cocoa or coffee. In Italy, it is often used instead of butter to thicken risottos, or added to anchovies or sardines, with mustard and herbs.

Secrets Fine Food has selected for you the best Granadolo Mascarpone from Italy, with no preservative and colouring. Craving for a homemade Italian Tiramisu?