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Burrata & Mozzarella

Burrata is one of the most succulent and addictive fresh Italian cheese. It is a garanteed love at the first-sight or at the "first-taste", we should say !

Burrata’s origins

Originated from Puglia, burrata is a pure artisanal product. It can not be manufactured. It only exists thanks to little workshops where cheese mongers specialized in burrata producing cultivate a long heritage of know-how and savoir faire. But what is burrata exactly ? Produced from Italian buffalo's milk, rennet and cream, it looks like a ball of mozarella but with a soft and creamy heart. The outer shell may look like mozzarella, the inside is a pure combination of "panna", some will call it "cream", and mozzarella cheese. The texture is mellow and melting. The taste is just insane ! Slightly seasoned with olive oil and a few pinches of "fleur de sel" and a few delicious seasoned heirloom tomatoes and you are in heaven !

Try it and you will understand why it graces  the menus of the finest Italians restaurants across the world.