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Blue cheese

Stilton Cheese is a British Blue Cheese, for a long time famous under the name of "King of the Cheese".

Stitlon is one of the only cheeses having its own Certification Trade Mark and which is an EU Protected Food Name. In order to keep these certifications, there are strict rules to follow. Among them, the cheese must be produced in one of the three allowed British counties, made of local milk, and have to form its crust naturally.Did you know? Their magical blue veins come from the cheese being pierced with steel needles to allow the air inside its body. There are only six dairies, which hold the license to make Stilton Blue Cheese. This rare product has been selected by Secrets Fine Food for its outstanding taste and quality.

How to savour this precious cheese? Stilton Blue cheese can be used simply to upgrade your cheeseboard, or you can spice it up and serve it with a mango chutney or plum bread. You can also add Stilton cubs in your salad or create a tasty sauce for meat dishes. Mixed with vegetables, this precious cheese will convert your soups into incredible culinary experience! 

For cheese addict, you can even create original dessert to impress your friends and family such as cheesecake, crumble, tarts and even ice-cream!