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Churned Bordier butter with lemon olive oil - 125g

Beurre Bordier
__ S$10.50 __

Without a doubt, the most refined and sophisticated butter on the market.

Jean-Yves Bordier, the master of butter, has been making at La Maison du Beurre in Normandy’s Saint Malo since 1985. Its production and refinement in a cellar make it one of the best butters in France and in the world. While a normal butter is made in about 6 hours, this one needs three days for its production, a process largely done by hand.

Bordier breaks with tradition and convention with the latest creations as with lemon olive oil, it is an exquisite mouthful experience especially with seafood!

Jean-Yves Bordier artisanal butters are considered by many Chefs and by the general public as the best butters in the world. Jean-Yves Bordier from Saint-Malo in Brittany uses the ancestral technique of hand churning in a wooden churn and hand shaping. But by adding a twist of original flavor such as espelette, seaweed, vanilla, lemon oil or yuzu, Jean-Yves Bordier brings modernity, innovation and surprise.