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Free-range turkeys, or farm turkeys are turkeys raised in natural conditions, in an open-air environment with easy access to outdoor. This criteria has become more and more looked by consumers self-conscious of what they eat since the development of the massive agro-industry and "battery" poultry production.

Free-range poultry is raised in small groups to avoid disease and to give them enough space to grow. Their diet is composed of cereals amd vegetal proteins from the farm, and thanks to their outdoor access, they also enjoy the proteins they can pick directly from the soil. As the free-range poultry is culled later than any "battery" poultry, its meat is more nutricious and its texture is firmer and tastier.

For the above reasons, free-range turkey is considered as a fine delicacy in the Western world, especially to celebrate special occasions such as Christmas or New Year. In the US, turkey is the main and most traditional dish for Thanksgiving. Thanks to the significant size of the bird, it can be shared and enjoyed with a large number of guests.

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