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Bresse poultry

Bresse poultry is one the most famous delights of French gastronomy. The birds from Bresse are very valued across the world for their gamey depth of flavor, their fine and firm texture, their fresh, clean-flowing fat and most of all, for their fantastic taste. For this reason, the Bresse poultry is also the most prestigious, the rarest and the most expensive poultry in the world.

Bresse chicken in Singapore

Originally, the Bresse poultry enjoys unique soil and grain conditions which give to their meat this fantastic taste and texture.To protect this unique and limited environment, Bresse poultry benefits of the prestigious AOC label and status which clearly limits the Bresse geographical area and the breeding conditions. Like wagyu beef cattle, the Bresse poultry follows a very specific diet and enjoy open air access with a limited number of other birds so that the birds can grow freely and happily. Did you know that Bresse poultry enjoy more demand than offer ? For this reason, the product is considered as a rare luxury.