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Organic free-range chicken

To be certified with the strong and powerful "organic" label, organic chickens need to be raised in a very specific environment following extremely strict requirements. First, the birds need to grow in the same structure from day 1 to the end of their life. They can't be slaughtered before 81 days at it is done in many industrial farms. Obviously, they must be fed with a 100% organic diet labeled and certified by the organic agriculture.

The best way to find organic chicken in Singapore

The organic birds must also be able to run and move around freely and happily in an open-air and grassy environment. Definitely, antibiotic treatments are not allowed to immunize, prevent or cure the birds in case of disease. Only natural medicine is permitted. When buying organic chicken, it is always important to check the brand and origin of the label as all organic organizations do not follow the same demanding breeding constraints.