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Grass-fed Irish beef

Grass-fed beef covers beef cattles raised and bred with a grass diet. It means the cattle is raised in green pastures where it enjoys fresh grass all the day long. Where else than Ireland can you find so vast and green pastures ? Indeed, Ireland is very famous for its fantactic green sceneries and thus, Ireland is a paradise for beef cattle. Moreover, Ireland is one of the least polluted countries as it is located on the Northernwestern side of Europe famous for its air circulation. This windy environment contributes to a high, pure and fresh quality of air.

Thanks to those optimum natural conditions, beef cattle raised in Ireland are very healthy and develop a superior quality meat. John Stone'savoir faire is not only to select exclusively Irish grass-fed meat but also to mature the meat using a traditional dry-ageing method. Once slaughtered, the beef meat is carefully dry-aged on the bone, according to a traditional method, during a minimum period of 21 days. This method is the secret of the high quality and success of John Stone meat across the finest tables in Singapore and Dubai.