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Duck foie gras

Foie gras must be one of the most well-known french delicacy from France. Royals and well established people treated it like the sophisticated food it was. Nowadays, foie gras is served to celebrate Christmas, New Year's eve, weddings or parties. Foie gras is part of the French heritage and that it was it has been registered as such at the UNESCO in 2010. 

What is Foie gras?

Foie gras is made of goose or duck liver that has been fattened for a certain period of time and then seasoned with salt and spices to end up with a rich, buttery and delicate flavour that is combined to a melty and sumptuous melting texture in the inside. Top quality foie gras will not be too fatty but will be balanced. The flavour stays in your palate for a long time, which is a big plus. You can enjoy foie gras in many different ways. Terrines and pâtés are the most common ways the foie gras is prepared : you just spread those on bread with some kosher salt and enjoy. Some people also pan-fry their foie gras and have it with chutney, which is a wonderful combination.

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