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 What's better than a delicious crispy "Peking duck" or a honey-roasted magret de canard ? Many cultures and cuisines around the worldenjoy eating duck as it is porbably one of the finest and delicate meats. However, choosing the right duck quality is a key criteria to prepare, cook and enjoy its meat at its best.

The raising conditions of poultry have become an important criteria of selection for consumers, conscious of the quality of what they eat, especially since the development of the massive agro-industry and "battery" poultry production.  Free-range ducks are raised in small groups to avoid disease and to offer them enough space to grow. Their diet is composed of cereals and vegetal proteins from the farm. Thanks to their outdoor access, they benefit the animal proteins they can pick directly from the soil. Culled when matured, their tissues are firmer and tastier. For the above reasons, free-range ducks are not only healthier but also much tastier than any cheap duck.