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How to select your olive oil ?

Very popular in the Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil brings originality and character to any dish. Choosing the right olive oils is not easy as there is a lot of varieties in the market, that's why we are happy to share with you 6 tips to guide you to select your olive oil.


  • First, it is important to identify the qualitative olive oils. The quality of olives is a very important criteria. Some varieties are more reputed than others. Being collected by hand is another key information which will ensure that the quality of the fruit itself has been preserved. A cold-pressed process done a few hours after the harvest of the olives is another factor of quality. Those informations should be found on any high quality olive oil labels.


  • Secondly, you should make sure your olive oil is a genuine extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is better than others because its acidity level. also called oleic content, is lower than 1%. Smoother and rounder, extra virgin olive oils also last longer.


  • Third, you should buy your olive oil in small quantity. Unlike wine or balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil will lose its flavors and savors with time. We also recommend  you to store your extra virgin olive oil in a closed cabinet, as direct light would affect its properties. Better buy less but more frequently.


  • Fourth, if you like smooth and round olive oils, a well ripened fruity olive oil is what you need. This kind of olive oil is made with well matured olives which aromas are associated with almonds, hazelnuts and red fruits. This type of olive oil will match perfectly with white meat of fish.


  • Fifth, if you prefer deep and intense olive oils, you should look for black fruity olive oils which have been fermented in barrels. This kind of olive oil does not develop fruity aromas but suggest cocoa, woody and mushroom flavors. Their length in the palate is also longer.


  • Last but not least, if your taste likes bitterness, you should select green-fruity olive oils. Their intense aromas of cut grass, artichokes and green fruits will awake your throat. The freshness of the harvest will bring bitterness. This type of olive oil is usually used for salad dressing, to accompany steamed vegetables, tartars, or yellow fruit salads.

Enjoy your quest for the right olive oil !