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Have you fruits delivered !

Have premium quality or organic fruits delivered at home !

Eating fruits is important for health and also very tasty, but finding quality fruits can be challenging, especially if you have a busy schedule. That is why Secrets Fine Food offers you a service of fruits delivery in Singapore. We work with the best artisans and farmers of Europe to provide you the most delicious fruits you could taste.

The secret for these premium product is the natural method to cultivate them. Whether they are organic or not, the premium quality will astonish you. The fruits you can have delivered at your place are blue plums, Reine Claude plums, mirabelle plums, flat peaches or premium oranges so you can prepare a fabulous orange juice.

But that is not it, you can also order black figs of Sollies, white peaches of premium quality, yellow nectarines , organic pears or even organic apples and fresh quinces. You can either eat these fruits alone and fully appreciate their savors, or you can make fresh fruit salads for the warm days in Singapore !

If you are wondering about the quality of the fruits, the criterions of selection are strict and 3 controls are made to guarantee the freshness, the maturity and the taste of the products that are delivered to your place. One of the controls is operated just after the fruits are picked, in order to select the best ones. The second one is right before the fruits leave Europe for Singapore and finally when they get to the Secrets Fine Food warehouse in Singapore. As a result, you are sure to eat premium quality fruits that you can have delivered at home or even at the office.

Based on the same system, you can buy your vegetables online and receive them at the office or at home. That way, you are certain to eat fresh and premium fruits and vegetables without going to the market !