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Everything you need to know about French cheese

French cheese is emblematic of French fine food. Try the most famous ones !

French food is famous all around the world because ofits refined products and the lifestyle associated to it. Cheese is particularly emblematic and there are 3500 different types of cheese in France !

French people usually eat cheese before lunch and dinner during the “apéritif” or at the end of the meal, just before desert. If you really want to fully appreciate cheese, you can eat it with bread, wine and even a little salad. Every cheese deserves a special wine to magnify its taste.

The most appreciated cheese

Brie cheese is a soft rind cheese and owes its name to the region where it comes from. It is very appreciated in France, especially with red wine, walnuts and honey. You can try several kinds of brie cheese and the most famous are the “Brie de Meaux” and the “Brie de Melun”, they even have their protected label.

Camembert cheese is certainly the king of cheese, especially because of its smell. French people used to say that Camembert smells like “the feet of God”. It is also a soft rind cheese and you can either eat it cold or either hot and melted. It is made with cow’s milk and is a symbol for French people.

Goat cheese is made from goat milk, so it has a very different taste. It is very appreciated in France and many dishes are prepared with goat cheese. Hot on a slice of bread in a salad, in a quiche… It is often associated with honey.

French bread is essential when you taste cheese. It is mellow inside and crusty outside. As for wine, cheese has to be served with the right bread to create a real harmony during the tasting. You can find great wine in Singapore with Secrets Fine Food to be served with every kind of cheese !