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The legendary French breakfast

Discover the mythic French breakfast and where it comes from !

When you hear “French breakfast”, you immediately think about a cup of coffee, butter croissants or toasts. In France, breakfast is different from almost every other country in the world for one simple reason : sugar. Indeed, French people don’t eat salt during their first meal of the day and it contributes to the success of breakfast in France. But the image that we have in mind is in fact quite recent.

Before the XIXth century, it was rare to have a breakfast, especially for workers and kids. They used to go to work or to school with an empty stomach and over time, doctors realized breakfast was essential to focus and to learn. It was only after World War II that people started to take coffee, fresh bread, orange juice and toasts for breakfast. Ten years later, pupils were even given milk when they got to school !

What is a typical French breakfast ?

Most French people drink coffee, tea or fruit juice before eating. If you want to taste a typical French breakfast, you should try to spread Echire butter on a fresh baguette. This butter has a slight taste of hazelnut and comes from the Charentes-Poitou region. It is synonym of excellence since 1894 and many French chefs use it in their restaurant. Croissants are also emblematic, even though they were created in Vienne by a Turk.

You can find these products in our French bakery in Singapore if you want to try this delicious type of breakfast and travel instantly to Paris ! In France, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so the online grocery shopping in Singapore allows you to gently wake up and to have a sweet and tasteful breakfast with bread, butter, jam, and of course, coffee !