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Iced tomato soup with burrata

Enjoy this super fresh and delicious recipe of iced tomato sauce and burrata.




1. In a blender (or using a soup mixer): mix the tomato juice, two tablespoons of ketchup sauce, a few basil leaves, and olive oil and tabasco. Season with salt and pepper and refrigerate.

2. After draining, cut the burrata into 4 and place the pieces on a plate. Season it with salt, pepper, finally cut basilic leaves, espelette chili pepper and olive oil. Marinate in a cool place.

3. In a small container: pour a tablespoon of black olive paste/tapenade, a tablespoon of espelette chilli jelly, a shallot and chopped chive. Mix by adding olive oil, pepper and salt. Reserve this mixture in a cool place.

4. Roughly cut a large handful of olive shortbread on a plate. Reserve the resulting crumble.

5. For dressing: Place a piece of 1/4 marinated burrata in the center of a soup plate. Spread a generous spoon of the black olive paste/tapenade mixture over the burrata. Pour the tomato juice mixture all around. Sprinkle with olive shortbread crumble. Add a few basil leaves, season to taste and finish with laminated salted biscuits.