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Organic extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed, "Bios" - 500ml

Terre Bormane
__ S$32.00 __

The extra virgin olive oil BIOS is a 100% extra virgin, organic oil obtained from olive farming methods that respect the right balance between agriculture and environment.

The extra virgin oil is resulting from a farming system governed by EC, defined as a production method that excludes the use of chemically-synthesised fertilisers, weedkillers, pesticides and fungicides. ICEA - the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, thoroughly checks and verifies observance of community and national standards controlling organic farming cultures. Therefore a ”totally natural food”; same taste, same excellent quality, same unmistakable aroma.

Terre Bormane is a human size company which produces fine food in the Ligury region, in the Northwest of the Italian peninsula, not far from the French Riviera. The microclimate and the soil of this region are the secrets of the unique taste of the olive oils, vinegars and maize produced by Terre Bormane. Thanks to the high quality of its products, Terre Bormane has conquered the tables of the chic Parisians "bistros", the 5 stars hotels in New York or the minimalistic japanese restaurants.