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AOP Bresse chicken oven ready - +/- 1.5kg (frozen) - 54 sgd per kg price will be adjusted as per final weight

Chapon Bressan
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Poulet de Bresse (Chicken from Bresse) is a breed of chicken originating from the Bresse area of the Rhône-Alpes region of France.

Chicken from Bresse is only fed by cereals, gathered exclusively in the appellation area (AOP), and milk products. Chicken from Bresse is raised in open air and in total liberty.

The tricolour label seal, attached at the base of the neck, guarantees the origin through traceability records such as the product name of the farm which prepared and sold the chicken.

Shaped by a firm practice through centuries, the Bresse poultry is one of the floret of French farming. The original name is guaranteed by the law of 1st August 1957. Last but not least, the Bresse poultry is the only specimen of its kind to be named Gallus.